The Green Planet Finance Difference

The Full Story


Green Planet Finance was formed in 2021 based around the philosophy that advice of any kind does not need to be at the detriment to the environment or our world.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service and seek and we try to meet our clients' needs at every step. The advice and guidance we offer is designed to ensure that the client's financial position is improved by the time their mortgages or insurances are complete.

An unspoken truth behind behind the excitement of a property purchase, re-mortgage or financial transaction is that each party produces CO2 emissions which have a negative effect on our planet. The emissions are an unintended consequence of every party which deals with your transaction, including the buyer, seller, conveyancer, surveyor and others.

 Each of these will have a carbon footprint as a result of the day to day tasks which they are carrying out.  CO2 is produced as a result of non-renewable energy being used to:

  • Heating & cooling offices

  • Powering screens, laptops & desktop equipment 

  • Employees & customers driving to the offices

  • Posting of documents

  • The list goes on...

At Green Planet Finance we look to utilise the small amount of industry research which is at the public's disposal and produce a high quality advice service but also strive to provide a Carbon Neutral offering. We will take all of the transactions which go through our books during the most recent quarter and calculate what we believe to be the clients accumulated emissions. From here we will pay for trees to be planted or we will invest in carbon reduction technologies. The environment will be at the heart of all of our decision making. We cover all of these costs to offset the carbon on behalf of our client bank to ensure we are leaving the world in a better place.

At Green Planet Finance we don't think there needs to be a trade off between providing high quality advisory services and striving to provide a carbon neutral offering. If you would like to hear more about our services or environmentally friendly ethos then please feel free to get in touch

Thinking about you and the Planet

Green Planet Finance always aim to provide an excellent service and look to hold the hand of clients as much or as little as they need through the process. We take a holistic approach to each and every client to ensure their needs are met as well as possible.

The amount CO2 which is offset is calculated by using formulas from the book 'How bad are bananas'. Once inputting variables such as product length or interest rates into this calculation the amount needing to be offset is provided. Carbon Neutral Britain are the chosen partner to implement the offsetting and plant trees on behalf of Green Planet Finance. At the start of a new quarter we retrospectively offset the previous quarter and this can be seen in our socials so please head there for a look.


Carbon Offsetting

We do our calculations every quarter so we know what quantity of CO2 we are required to offset. Carbon Neutral Britain are our chosen partner and you can find out more information about them at

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