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Buying a house for most is the biggest purchase people will make in their lifetime. Generally our personal homes are perceived as an asset but technically they are liabilities as it is costing you money every month whether that be mortgage, council tax, maintenance or other costs.

Again, for most people their incomes from employment or self-employment are the main source of money to pay for food, utilities, bills, a roof over their heads and lifestyle.

Knowing this, do you think it is important to protect your home, income and your loved ones in the event of a negative life event such as a critical illness which prevents you from working or even death?

Green Planet Finance look to provide each an every client with a personalised protection illustration and offer the pro's and con's of each recommendation. By doing this we can at least educate and highlight the risks of not protecting the earnings and debts our clients have whether they would like to proceed or not.

Life & Mortgage Insurance

Do you have a mortgage, an Inheritance Tax liability or even wanted to leave money for loved ones in the event of your death? We can arrange policies based on your needs to ensure your family were looked after if the worst happens.

Income Protection

Most people have one income stream which means it is vitally important to protect this. If you were unable to work through a long term illness or injury how long could you continue to pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle? If this is a few weeks, months or years then it is important to consider what happens after this which is why income protection is a very pragmatic option.

Business Protection

Business protection is a critical facet of comprehensive financial planning. It encompasses strategies and insurance solutions designed to safeguard a business's financial stability and continuity in the face of unexpected events. This includes protecting against the loss of key personnel, addressing ownership transitions, and providing financial security during unforeseen crises. By proactively addressing these issues, business protection ensures that companies remain resilient, adaptable, and poised for long-term success, providing peace of mind for both owners and stakeholders.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover is a policy which offers breathing room whether that be to cover a mortgage or a few years of living in the event of a debilitating illness. This is a more expensive add on to life insurance but there is a much greater chance it will be required.

Family Income Benefit

This is a very useful type of protection in the event of either or the main household earner dying at a working age. This is similar to life insurance but instead of paying out a lump sum on death it will pay out an income for as long as the policy was designed to do so. This is a good alternative to life insurance to ensure a family benefits from a steady income until their last child has reached 21 for example.

Landlords Inurance

Green Planet Finance can offer both residential and landlord property insurance for those with one property or 10. By allowing us to sort your insurance you can keep all of your policies in one place and enjoy a hands off approach as we will do the heavy lifting each year.


I’ve used a few mortgage advisors, and Jon is by far the best I have ever encountered.
He took time to understand what I needed, gave invaluable advice, got me a great deal, and always kept me well up to date and informed during the process.
A real safe pair of hands.
Thanks again Jon!

Gavin Waddell



Jonathan and the team at green planet have always been great with us. Moving things along very quickly and always very quick to come back to you when you have questions or queries. Great company and very happy we found them.

Liam Vickery



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